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Grant Funded Services

Making Sales Consulting Accessible

SPS has partnered with Chops Consulting to help those clients who qualify for the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).  Upon completing the first 3 steps, clients then qualify for an interest-free loan and a hiring grant for the 4th and final step, however, there is no requirement to complete all 4 steps if the assessment and roadmap are enough for you to work with. 

On average, the CDAP process takes three to six weeks. The outcomes include a prioritized, business improvement roadmap with a focus on digital solutions to grow your revenue, increase efficiency, reduce operational cost reduction, and/or manage risk as you grow.

Do you qualify for funded services? 

The CDAP grant funding is available for:

  • Canadian small businesses who have been in business for at least 3 years

  • Have earned $500k in revenue during one of the last 3 years, or

  • Founders who are mission-aligned and just getting started. ​

We aim to make our services as accessible as possible. In addition to the CDAP grant funding opportunity, we are committed to helping the best sustainable products and services get to market.  We offer the first hour of consulting free, with your take-home being a customized Quick Start guide.  In addition to our free offering, we will consider discounting other services for those businesses whose core mission is to reduce and reverse human impact on the planet, especially for founders identifying as BIPOC, LGTBQ+ and women.  


Book a meeting using the link below or contact us for a free consultation so we can remove barriers you might be experiencing in accessing our services.  

Free Sales Consulting

Book a free consultation to find out about grant-funded services and get your no-strings-attached, customized Quick Start Guide to get your sales going today.  


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