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Our Process

Growing sales can be challenging with limited time, resources and competing priorities.  We offer flexible services to meet clients where they are in their sustainable business and revenue growth journey. 

Our services reflect a flexible approach to the SPS 4-Step Growth Process.  Each step is worked with sequentially.  Once a step is complete, we either move to the next or a client may choose to implement the outcomes on their own.  

STEP 1 : Quick Start Guide - identify unique value

  • 1 hour consultation and 1 to 2 weeks to deliver your custom Quick Start Guide

  • 1 sample sales strategy you can implement today

  • unique value and target audience insight 

Choose to take the next step, coaching services or a self-guided journey

STEP 2 : Business Assessment - make a growth plan

  • 2 to 4 weeks to complete

  • Goal, target audience, KPI and internal capacity defined

  • Systems and process map

  • Customer journey map 

  • 2-3 sales strategies 

  • Impact industry insights to guide product positioning and messaging

Choose to engage us as advisors, try our turn-key sales system or a white-glove sales systems building service. 

STEP 3 : Systems Building or Advising Services - setting up for growth

At this stage, commitment to the process is required.  Minimum is a 4 month engagement.  

  • 2 to 4 months for a sales system building or

  • Monthly advisory engagement (min 6 months)

  • Custom or onboarding into our turn-key sales system

  • Hands-on automation and integration

  • Target audience analysis 

  • Sales asset creation

  • Monthly progress meetings

STEP 4 : Sustainable Growth Management

Post sales system building service we expect 2 to 10+ leads per month.  This step is ongoing and includes:

  • KPI & ROI tracking

  • Data-driven sales insights

  • Monthly sales meetings 

  • May include light-touch lead management or

  • Entry into our Supplier Readiness Program

Making Sales Consulting Accessible

As a Digital Advisor, we are qualified to provide grant-funded digital assessment services via the  Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).  This program provides funding that cover the first two of four steps in the SPP 4-Step Growth Process and allows us to partner with highly skilled consultants with experience that meets our clients' needs. 

Do you qualify for funded services? 

The CDAP grant funding is available for:

  • Canadian small businesses who have been in business for at least 3 years

  • Have earned $500k in revenue during one of the last 3 years

Ready to get approved for your CDAP "boost your business" grant? Get your banking and CRA login information ready and book a call with us and we will walk you through the steps, or work through the step-by-step process here and reach out to us once you've been approved. 


On average, the CDAP process takes three to six weeks. The outcomes include a prioritized, business improvement roadmap with a focus on digital solutions to grow your revenue, increase efficiency, reduce operational cost reduction, and/or manage risk as you grow.


There are many Digital Advisors to choose from.  What makes us different is we tap into our wide network of highly skilled consultant who have industry experience that meets our clients' specific needs both in terms of industry and their goals.  

Why get a digital assessment done? 

  • Reach your goals: looking to reach the next revenue target or scale your business?  let us help you define what you need to do to get there.  

  • Optimize your investment in technology upgrades: digital improvements do not work in  vacuum.  Let us deliver a roadmap to ensure you are making the most of your new software, website, ad spend or CRM.

  • Get funding for what's already working: why pay out of pocket for when the government will help cover those costs?  You may already have an employee who qualifies for the wage subsidy, or a consultant who qualifies for the "boost your business" $15k grant. 

  • Get access to an interest-free loan: did you know CDAP is the only way to access an interest-free loan from the government?  With prime rates soaring there has never been a better time to figure out how CDAP can help your business grow.  

  • Unlock operational efficiency: from marketing to operations, we have the people and processes in place to find efficiencies in operations, project management, sales processes and will help you make the most of your marketing budget. 


Other Ways We are Making Services Accessible

For those with consumer-facing products or services, be sure you get your "grow your business online" grant of $2,400.  We recommend connecting with friends at Chops Consulting who can help you make the most of this funding. 

In addition to the CDAP grant funding opportunity, we are committed to helping the best sustainable products and services get to market.  We offer the first hour of consulting free, with your take-home being a customized Quick Start guide.  In addition to our free offering, we will consider discounting other services for those businesses whose core mission is to reduce and reverse human impact on the planet, especially for founders identifying as BIPOC, LGTBQ+ and women.  


Book a meeting using the link below or contact us for a free consultation so we can remove barriers you might be experiencing in accessing our services.  

What Our Clients Say


Amanda Presgraves, Chief Innovation Officer, Spira

While our startup team at Spira was redeveloping its sales systems, Brianna helped us deconstruct and rebuild our approach. With her Digital Advising expertise, Brianna identified our team's unique challenges with a GAP analysis and diligently worked to educate the team and scale systems that fit. Brianna has a keen understanding of culture and the human-side of business that really allows her to design and implement lasting solutions (while making her energizing to work alongside!).
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