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Who We've Worked With

Our clients are scientists, innovators, founders, small business owners and entrepreneurs of all kinds, all of whom share our values and passion for building sustainable businesses and products.  We are inspired by our clients who are tackling the world's most complex problems every day.  

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Working with algae to deliver safe, nutrient-rich ingredients into supply chains from food and beverage to skin care products and textiles. 


Their first product is a direct replacement for artificial food dye Blue #1.  Did you know artificial food colour has petroleum in it? Yikes. Thank you Spira for showing us a healthier, sustainable alternative. 

Caravel Labs

Human-centred design and ethical technology development are at the core of Caravel Labs.  They specialize in developing elite-performing teams and software.  

Caravel Labs is a technology partner with SPS.  We'd be delighted to meet with you to explore how technology can empower your business. 

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REUSO exmple_edited_edited.jpg


We know single-use packaging is a problem but what can we do about it? 


REUSO provides software and packaging services to the reuse economy. Their unique system allows their clients to track containers to ensure full useful life is achieved and provide real, impactful metrics. 

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What Our Clients Say


Amanda Presgraves, Chief Innovation Officer, Spira

While our startup team at Spira was redeveloping its sales systems, Brianna helped us deconstruct and rebuild our approach. With her Digital Advising expertise, Brianna identified our team's unique challenges with a GAP analysis and diligently worked to educate the team and scale systems that fit. Brianna has a keen understanding of culture and the human-side of business that really allows her to design and implement lasting solutions (while making her energizing to work alongside!).

Free Sales Consulting

Book a free consultation to find out about grant-funded services and get your no-strings-attached, customized Quick Sales Guide to get your sales going today.  


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