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Sales consulant explains digital matruity

Sales Strategies for Sustainable Businesses & Products

Sustainable Product Sales (SPS) is a consulting service working with busy founders to increase sales, become more efficient and clearly understand their impact as they grow.

Working with the 4-step SPS Growth Process, validated impact metrics, digital solutions and ethical sales coaching techniques, we build sales capacity and systems for our clients to help them reach their revenue goals. 

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The People

Find out about the founder, our hub of experts, our credentials and the story behind the business.


How it Works

Learn more about how we can help you build sustainable products and grow your revenue.


Grant Funded Services

Learn more CDAP for Canadian businesses and other funding opportunities for our services.  

What Our Clients Say


Amanda Presgraves, Chief Innovation Officer, Spira

While our startup team at Spira was redeveloping its sales systems, Brianna helped us deconstruct and rebuild our approach. With her Digital Advising expertise, Brianna identified our team's unique challenges with a GAP analysis and diligently worked to educate the team and scale systems that fit. Brianna has a keen understanding of culture and the human-side of business that really allows her to design and implement lasting solutions (while making her energizing to work alongside!).


What we do

Growing sales can be challenging with limited time, resources and competing priorities.  We offer flexible services to meet clients where they are in their sustainable business and revenue growth journey. 

1. Group Sales Coaching - Ideal for founders who are in their early stages, have low annual revenue or as support for sales people working solo. 

2. Advisory Services - For those who have the in-house technical or marketing ability and are looking for a growth strategy to take them to the next level.  

3. Systems Building & Sales Management Services - Perfect for busy founders and business owners who are short on time or capacity. 

Read more about our services or download our 1-pager to learn more about our process and pricing.

The SPS 4-Step Process

How we do it

We meet clients where they are in their sustainable business and revenue growth journey using the SPS 4-Step Growth process. 


Our program is designed to uncover the true value of what you do, build customized sales strategies connecting that value to those who will benefit the most from it, and provide implementation and management services to keep your sales strategies on track. 


Curious to learn more?  Download the SPS 4-Step Process guide.

Free Sales Consulting

Book a free consultation to find out about grant-funded services and get your no-strings-attached, customized Quick Start Guide to get your sales going today.  


Ready to grow? 

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